Having fun learning new ideas in the garden!

Use PVC tubes to water and feed plants!

You can keep your plants thriving during the hot summer months by inserting PVC pipes in the pot or hole when planting.  Cut your PVC pipe about 12-15 inches and drill several holes in them.   You can water and fertilize directly into the pipe ensuring that the water reach the roots.   Here is an example of the PVC pipe with holes drilled in it.This is a PVC pipe.. Read More

Using “Suckers” in Your Garden

I love to dig dead fish into the base of my plants.  I am able to see immediate new growth.  Not too long ago my husband brought me back a smelly left over sucker from his fishing trip.  I planted it under a Dappled Willow.  Can you tell which Dappled Willow was fertilized with the sucker? It is the top plant that has new growth at the top.